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About Romantic Couples Photography

Couples in love are our favorite subjects! While many husbands dream of having amazing glamour or boudoir photos of their wives or girlfriends, the truth is that most women would also like shots with their special guy as well. Surprisingly, men tend to be more shy about having their photo done than women are. And while guys tend to gravitate towards sensual images of the love of their life, women tend to prefer images that are more romantic of the two of them together. However, we also do a lot of engagement photos for couples who want to celebrate their big announcement and create unique images for use on their wedding announcements, displays at their wedding or even creative applications like personalized wine labels.

So doing romantic couples photography doesn't have to be very open or even that sensual. While some couples would like to have nude photos done together, it is also perfectly OK to add to your
boudoir or glamour photo session some more traditional romantic couples photos that are all about you sharing your love together. Portraits taken together are often sent to other family members, used on the internet on people's Facebook pages or as a wall print to decorate the environment of the home.

There is something about having an official professional photo session done for couples that seems to cement their relationship and announce to the world that they are together and in love. There are few things that stir the emotions more than seeing a romantic couples photo of yourselves together whenever you wake up or when you are in your cozy home space.

Since many men come to the
glamour or boudoir photo sessions with their wives or girlfriends, why not add a romantic couples photo session to the mix at the same time? It doesn't cost any extra as we charge by the time we spend, not by the styles of images we shoot. So if your guy has been hinting that he would like some sensual boudoir or glamour images of you, why not suggest to him to get involved as well? Once he overcomes his shyness, we can guarantee that he will love these images just as much!

Some couples would like to have their photo sessions done in their home instead of in the
studio. This is no problem as all of our studio lights and photography equipment is completely portable. By setting up in your home or at the location of your choice, we can produce stunningly professional images just as if you were in the photo studio.

Life is short and creating romantic photos of yourselves together will undoubtably become one of the most important possessions you own. You can't go back in time. Waiting will not improve the quality of the images produced, it will only delay the enjoyment that you will have in possessing fantastic
photo art of you both together.

photo session prices are among the best in the industry but our quality is second to none. Celebrate your love together by creating images that will stir your heart every time you view them and will become one of the most important things that you could ever own.

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