Create Your Own Package The Way You Want It!

We have listened and now it’s here. The world has changed and so have the needs of our clients. Some want prints or albums. Some want digitals. Some want to have all of the images shot during the session. So now, you can build your own package and add whatever modules suit your needs. First, leverage the best photography in the industry as well as all the advantages of a professional studio, makeup and hair salon and expert digital image processing. Choose the very best in photography and then build on that with whatever you need to create the perfect package tailored just for you. NOTE: Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us. Some clients want to keep their session a surprise, so on your credit card statement, the charge will show up as Digital Design (Editions by Frederick is a division of Digital Design).

Book your studio session time
It doesn’t matter what other studios charge, if you want your investment to be worth what you spend, then you need to start with incredible photography. With over 30 years of photography experience, a certified hair and makeup artist, a professional studio and the most creative team in the industry, be sure that the initial photos are the best they can possibly be.
The more time you book, the lower the hourly rate:
  • One half hour - $75
  • One hour - $130
  • Two hours - $200
  • Three hours - $295
  • Four Hours - $350
Professional Hair & Makeup
Optional, but highly recommended
You are looking forward to having your amazing images in an album or prints, so it is important that you look your best. Oleanna is a certified hair stylist and makeup artist and understands the differences that are needed for doing glamour photography as opposed to what you may do to go out for the evening. You will be amazed at the transformation that Oleanna will be able to achieve!

Of course, you could do it yourself or have a salon do it, and if you choose to go this route, then that is fine. However, even if you do this, you will be stuck with that one look for the entire photo session and it may not be up to the level that Oleanna can do. If you choose to have it done in our in-house salon, Oleanna will be able to make changes throughout the session to match the different looks you will want in order to create a better variety of final images. Also, she will then be able to fix any makeup disasters that may happen.

Book Oleanna for only $85.00!
Photo Prints
The Finest Quality Ultrachrome™ Photo Prints
These are not your average photo lab prints! Each one is crafted for the finest color fidelity, sharpness and clarity. If you were to compare our premium Ultrachrome™ prints to standard photo prints, the differences would be glaringly obvious.

These prints are so sharp you can literally count individual hairs. The colors are rich and vibrant. Each print is hand crafted by Frederick himself to create the very best quality print possible. This is the latest and highest technology in print making. Don’t compare this to department store prints… there truly is no comparison!
  • 4”x6” print - $20
  • 5”x7” print - $25
  • 8”x10” print - $40
  • 8”x12” print - $45
  • 11”x14” print - $50
  • 13”x19” print - $60
  • 16”x20” print - $80
  • 20”x24” print - $100
  • 20”x30” print - $120
Framed Photo Prints
Because of the large number of options and configurations for framed prints such as the frame style, matt selection, protective glass, etc., prices will be calculated by your Editions by Frederick representative at the time of your order.
Digital Images
High Quality Digital Images
Digital images are required for a variety of needs, from low resolution images suitable for web sites or social media, to high resolution, copyright-released images for prints, advertising or posters. Here we have prices for both individual images as well as ALL of the images from your photo session. Mix and match to suit your special requirements and combine with any of the other options in this area.

400x600 pixel images and 600x900 pixel images are intended for internet use and are not suitable for making prints.

High resolution images are all 350 PPI and are suitable for prints at the indicated sizes.
  • 400x600 pixels - $15
  • 600x900 pixels - $20
  • High Resolution suitable for 4”x6” print - $40
  • High Resolution suitable for 8”x12” print - $60
  • Digital Images of EVERY shot in your photo session at 400x600 pixels - $720
  • Digital Images of EVERY shot in your photo session at 600x900 pixels - $960
  • Digital Images of EVERY shot in your photo session at High Resolution suitable for 5”x7” print - $1920
  • Digital Images of EVERY shot in your photo session at High Resolution suitable for 8”x12” print - $2880
Digital Retouching
Even Supermodels Do It!
Image retouching is standard nowadays and if you are looking for that polished “magazine look” then you have come to the right place! Retouching comes in different levels depending upon the level of difficulty. Perhaps you just want a few blemishes or wrinkles removed or maybe you want to go a bit further and have some scars, tattoos or a little “nip-and-tuck” done. We can even do extensive image manipulation by composting you into a digital background (green screen) and creating a complete fantasy art piece.

Whatever your needs, Frederick is considered a master digital retoucher and has won numerous awards for his work. Check out our
PORTFOLIO to see some of the amazing examples of what is possible.
  • Basic retouching (blemishes and wrinkles) - $20
  • Intermediate retouching (tattoos, scars, body sculpting) - $40
  • Advanced retouching, includes all of the above and may also include digital image compositing (green screen) or other special effects - $120
Album Packages
SAVE 20% off individual print prices with one of these complete package deals:
Each of the images in these packages include our premium Ultrachrome™ prints as well as the basic retouching described above. By buying a complete set, we will also include a TAP™ prestige simulated leather studio album that will keep your treasures preserved for all time.

  • 4”x6” album package with 10 prints - $360
  • 4”x6” album package with 20 prints - $680
  • 5”x7” album package with 10 prints - $400
  • 5”x7” album package with 20 prints - $760
  • 8”x10” album package with 10 prints - $520
  • 8”x10” album package with 20 prints - $995
Press Printed Books
Turning a page on quality press printed products.
Our Hardcover and Softcover Photo Books are printed on Indigo printers, the highest quality digital press printing technology available. Perfect for Family Albums, Portrait Sessions, Coffee Table Books, high-end Proof Books, Model Portfolios, and more. Press printed books give you the opportunity to produce multiple copies of your session at a very affordable price. Send copies to your family, to talent agencies or even sell them on your own web site!

Pricing starts at $95 setup fee plus $12 per book. Minimum of 20 photos per book.

  • Sizes: Horizontal, Vertical & Square Formats from 5x5 to 11x14
  • Photo Hardcovers: Lustre, Metallic, or Canvas Surface with Satin or Glossy Laminate
  • Material Hardcovers: 50 Cover Materials
  • Photo Softcovers: UV Coated Indigo or Metallic Print
  • Pages: Lay Flat Hinged or Perfect Bound
  • Production Time: 10 Business Days
All Boudoir & Glamour Photo Sessions Include:
FREE Artistic Photo Consultation
  • You will meet us to discuss what photo session is best for you.
  • We can explore how much time you will need as well as how to come prepared for the shoot.
  • It will give you an opportunity to see our studio and facilities, to view our complete portfolio and consult with Oleanna so she can prepare the appropriate makeup for your skin and features.
  • Brainstorm with Frederick to create your own unique vision.
  • Required in order to book and reserve your photo session and salon time.
All Sessions Include:
  • Unlimited shots (within available time) to ensure we capture your true character.
  • Unlimited costume and set changes within the time allotted
  • Posing and modeling assistance from Oleanna, an experienced fashion model who has posed extensively for assignments throughout Europe and North America. Frederick will also help with his artistic vision to create looks you could not have dreamed of. Having us in the studio to assist is like having your own personal modeling coaches!
  • Both color and B&W images will be shot at the same time.
  • Preview your images as we go so you can see the amazing transformations!
  • A high definition viewing of all your images on our huge 60” theatre style flat screen so you can appreciate the full beauty of your amazing photo art. Sit in our comfortable and private viewing area and take your time. The choices will be very hard to narrow down!
  • Option to shoot on location (your choice). Time included includes travel and equipment setup time. Minimum 2 hour booking.