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The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck

Wow! It's been quite a journey, but we finally have finished this huge project (about three years in the making) and the Sensual Goddess Tarot decks have arrived and are now available. If you are a fan of Tarot or a collector of this genre of artwork, you really should check this out!

The Sensual Goddess Tarot Deck is based on the Goddess archetype and is uniquely different from any other deck created. The power of the feminine aspect has long been recognized as one of the greatest sources of energy in creation. From the concepts of Gia to the ancient goddess Venus, the feminine energy has formed the basis for many strong changes in humanity. This deck celebrates the power of the feminine aspect in the tradition of the great master artists whose sculptures, paintings and drawings praised female beauty as one of the greatest creations ever. The feminine energy has been the basis for the Earth Mother, nature, love and deep emotion. This deck uses the power and vibrations of this symbology to evoke strong intuitive messages within the reader to unlock insight into problems that other decks are unable to provide. Tastefully sensual and beautifully rendered, this deck is the only one in the world to use the energy of real people to form the basis for the card illustrations. This creates a synchronistic connection to the collective unconscious and that other decks miss.

Visit the Sensual Goddess main web site at http://www.sensual-goddess.com/

The cards are also available on Amazon.ca as well as Ebay