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Winner of "Best Erotic Art of the World" competition

For the fifth straight year, our entry into the Erotic Signature International Nude Art Competition and will be published in the prestigious coffee table book "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today - Vol. 5".

Each year, the competition get more fierce and this year we were up against some of the best artists from around the world. Our entry "Creation" was entered into the mixed media category and was chosen for it's unique idea and approach. Many of the submissions to this competition would not, by most standards, be considered to be "erotic". While it is a nude competition, most winners are selected more on their artistic merit than anything else. This entry was submitted to the "mixed media" category which means any image that combines more than one media or is subjected to any photo manipulation. In this image we sourced astro photography images taken by the Hubble telescope and combined them with numerous studio photos of our amazing studio model, Oleanna. Photoshop was used to stretch the legs and twist them in shapes that resemble the tails of sperm.

I know that next year, the competition will be even stiffer, and we will have to come up with some amazing images in order to stand a chance.

As a five time winner of this competition, we are proud to be able to claim that Editions by Frederick is rated among the best erotic artists in the world. Why not create some amazing photo art of yourself? We love a challenge, so call us for a FREE consultation at 403-280-8693.

Winning Entry:
Photography by Frederick Potter
Model: Oleanna Potter