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How to turn a model into a statue

Making someone look like they were carved from stone is not a simple task but one that we have the skill to accomplish. Have a look at the image below:

I shot Oleanna on a blue screen background to allow me to "cut out" the figure and leave the surrounding area transparent. More frequently, we would use a green screen which the "chroma key" software does a better job of this task, but in this case I wanted the blue color to reflect into the skin to give it a cooler color temperature. Because we wanted the final image to look like stone, Oleanna wore a blonde wig. Dark hair or dark elements on the model are hard to make realistically light again which is necessary if the entire model is to look like she is made from one material. For this reason, the dark areas around the eyes had to be made light as well or it would spoil the stone illusion. Using stock stone texture patterns, I overlaid the texture onto the skin and then blended them to match the curves of the body. Finally, I composited Oleanna with one of our computer backgrounds and added a shadow to give her a three dimensional relief from the background. Adjustments of color and tone to the background and the model brought them both together so the final result is harmonized together.

Imagine having yourself turned into one of these works of art! Wouldn't it look amazing as a large canvas on your wall?