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Editions by Frederick Goes Prime Time

CTV produces two special segments on Editions by Frederick and Oleanna!

We were shocked and blown away when Jeff, one of the producers at the CTV Network, called and said that he would like to do two one hour specials on us for Prime Time TV! He said that after extensive research, they determined that our studio and Oleanna's modelling is a "hidden gem" in Alberta and it is time that people knew about us. To say that we were flattered would certainly be an understatement! Of course, we agreed! The crew showed up on Feb. 3rd and 4th to film the content for the shows. We enlisted the help of Leslie Davies, one of our favorite clients and an amazing lady. She volunteered to be our test subject for the filming of the show. She was AWESOME and we can't thank her enough for her participation and the fabulous interview she gave the CTV crew. Two shows will be produced. One will be all about Editions by Frederick and the amazing work we do. The story follows Leslie as she is transformed by Oleanna, dressed in on amazing Greek style gown Oleanna designed especially for her and shot by Frederick to become part of a stunning digital painting. Working through the night, Frederick did the post production and output and stretched a 22"x30" canvas to be presented to Leslie the next day. Everything went flawlessly and we are all waiting on pins and needles to see Jeff's final cut. The second show is all about Oleanna and her meteoric rise to become an internationally recognized model. Her story is of a little girl from the Ukraine who dreamed of great things and despite the ridicule of those around her, held onto that dream. Her marriage to Frederick, her move to Canada and the amazing photo art that she has been a part of producing has captured the imagination of the CTV network and will be brought to the world some time in March, 2009. The show will show Oleanna in action in two ultra-sexy pinup sessions and a nude shoot where we turn her into a house plant, all without the help of the computer!

Leslie Davies undergoes hair and makeup by Oleanna prior to being shot for her digital photo art piece. CTV Cameraman Bruce follows the intricate detail as Oleanna applies a fantasy look to Leslie to fit the theme of the final art piece.
You can View the segments by CLICKING HERE