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The Russian Spy

Tom Logan has fun with Oleanna

When acclaimed Hollywood director Tom Logan suggested that we use a portion of our house to film a scene from his new (and top secret!) film project “Deadly Liaison”, we readily agreed. How could we refuse when he had cast Oleanna in the film? But, always looking for a new opportunity, I said, “OK, but only if you agree to pose for one of our portfolio photos!”. After hearing the idea for the image, how could Tom refuse?

The idea came to me after Oleanna had attended one of his acting workshops. Tom jokingly referred to Oleanna as “The Russian Spy” because of her accent and, well... obvious assets. And so I came up with the idea to do a fun and campy image of Tom, playing the role of a film director, working with a young actress, obviously played by Oleanna. But Oleanna is in fact a Russian spy, on a mission to steal the top secret movie script Tom Has in his possession. She does this by cleverly distracting him with her slinky Russian spy ways so she can remove a copy of the script from his notebook.

It was all done in fun and intended to be an “over the top” and campy satire and so to further create this “old movie” feel, I gave it a sepia treatment and added some retro props to the mix. The end result is a fun parody of what could have been a still promo photo from a film from the 1930’s.

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