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About Professional Glamour Photography

Glamour photography has been around almost as long as photography has but didn't really take off until the 1920's when motion pictures started to become popular. Hollywood starlets relied on glamour and boudoir style photography to promote their movies (and themselves) and soon a new classification of trade was born; the Glamour Photographer.

Good glamour photography was (and still is) very hard to find. Much more difficult that using a couple of soft lights and a soft focus filter, good glamour photography can make anyone look better, younger, thinner or more curvy than they would seem in real life. It is difficult to define what glamour photography really is as many of the images produced that are called glamour photographs could easily fall into other categories such as
photo art, pinup or even digital photo art as elements from these categories are frequently present in glamour images. The thing that distinguishes glamour from other genres such as boudoir photography is that glamour tends to be more about the photo style of the image rather than the personality of the subject. Glamour photography images are frequently more graphic, concern themes that are more general and, while they may be sensual in nature, depicting the subject in more of a magazine style than a bedroom look is probably the biggest distinguishing factor.

So how do we achieve that glamour look? It starts with the
hair and makeup. More than just understanding glamour makeup, our makeup artist and hairstylist, Oleanna, also needs to understand how this makeup reacts to studio lighting and how to optimize it for the best look. She understands that the camera sees differently than our eyes and is practiced in applying the makeup to provide the best results in the final prints. Because getting this right is so critical to the final results, Oleanna's hair and makeup artistry is highly recommended for all of our photo session packages.

In the
photo studio there are many different styles of glamour lighting, depending on the desired final effect. High key lighting, for example, creates a wash of light on a white background to give the image an almost airbrushed look with no shadows at all. High key is perfect for smoothing skin and filling wrinkles, which will often take years off of any model. Another style of lighting would be the opposite of high key, where we use a dark or black background and light the subject with soft side lighting to provide a more moody result. There are hundreds of different lighting variations for glamour photography, each one providing a different feel and emotion to the final image.

Probably one of the most crucial requirements of glamour photography is the posing and composition. Oleanna has years of professional glamour modelling experience and is able to assist our clients in posing techniques that will sculpt their bodies and give them a more slender, feminine shape. Most of our clients are astounded at the result when they see their images at the viewing. But we do not change you, what you see is really you, just the best possible you after having the full glamour makeover and glamour photography treatment. It is absolutely amazing what the right pose, lighting and photographic composition can achieve.

Of course we use the best professional photography equipment available and our specialized lenses, skillfully used with the correct angles and composition, can also result in further shaping the figure and sculpting the body into the most flattering shape.
Frederick has been shooting women since the early 80's and he understands how to pose, light and compose images for the best results. Frequently the difference between a good glamour photo and a great one are subtle differences lost on most wanna-be glamour photographers. Slight variations in expression, the tilt of the head or hundreds of other variables impart emotion to the final images that create passion and sensuality to an image that would otherwise be dull.

professional glamour photography is an art and cannot be accomplished very well by most photographers.
Boudoir and glamour is our specialty and if you want to look younger, thinner, more beautiful and have images that have the maximum impact, you would be hard pressed to find a better glamour and boudoir studio than Editions by Frederick!

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