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About Professional Boudoir Photography

The term "boudoir" is a French word that originated hundreds of years ago to describe the area where the elite ladies of wealth and power prepared their beauty look before venturing forth into society. Preparing for their day took several hours and involved the assistance of others for virtually every aspect of the process. Even dressing required some help, especially when corsets were fashionable, as many of the clothes were impossible to fasten by oneself. Thus the term "boudoir" became synonymous with beauty and elegance.

Today there are many photographers who claim they do
boudoir photography but there are few who know how to do it well. Boudoir photography is not about lying someone on a bed in lingerie and taking their picture. The point of professional boudoir photography is to transform the subject into the very best that they can be and this process begins by understanding your subject, their strong and weak points as well as their personality so that you can create an image that is not only beautiful but also portrays their inner character. A professional boudoir photographer knows how to downplay those elements that are not so attractive and bring out or emphasize those elements that are the best parts of the subject.

It is a myth that you have to be young and thin to benefit from boudoir photography. Anyone, and I mean
anyone, can look fantastic in the hands of a professional boudoir photographer. The process starts with the consultation where you meet the photographer and makeup artist to discuss what you are looking for so we can determine the best path for you. This consultation is important for several reasons and is also important for you to meet us, so you can become comfortable working with us and to answer any questions you may have. You will be able to see our studio and our makeover salon where Oleanna does her hair and makeup work and to see some more images from our boudoir portfolio. We can discuss why you are interested in the session and make suggestions to help you better understand what we think would work best for you, discuss clothing and hair options and talk about what you wish to achieve with the final images. After meeting us, you will feel much more comfortable and relaxed for the day of your session.

The most common reason that people have for hesitating to do boudoir photography is that they have a belief that they are either too old, do not have a glamour figure or other self image concerns that make them feel that they would not look attractive enough to do boudoir photos. I think that most people miss the point of boudoir photography. A professional boudoir photographer can
create a look and transformation for you that will bring out the best in you and downplay those elements that you are sensitive about. Everyone has their own unique beauty. You may not see it yourself, but that is the point of having the boudoir photography done in the first place, to show you how beautiful you really are. Seeing yourself through the eyes of a professional boudoir photographer will change how you see yourself. You will still be you. We are not going to change you with the computer or make you into someone who doesn't look like you. We won't have to. You will see it yourself before you even go into the photo studio. Most women are amazed at how they look in the mirror after Oleanna has performed her hair and makeup magic. With the addition of professional studio lighting and Oleanna's help in the studio to show you how to pose and look your best, you will begin to understand that you are, in fact, far more beautiful than you may think. We can show you your progress by showing you the images we are capturing on the back of the camera. No retouching or special tricks... just you looking your very best.

The thing is that there is no risk. We are so confident that you will be blown away by your boudoir photos that we offer an iron clad
guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the results when you see your boudoir images during the viewing, we will refund your money. Simple as that.

Frederick has over 30 years of professional photography experience and his glamour, boudoir and nude photo art images have been celebrated around the world. He has accumulated over 100 international awards and is considered to be one of the best glamour and boudoir photographers in Canada. Have a look at this video done by CTV to learn a little more about us. Our studio in Calgary has been operating for eight years but we also travel internationally and do many destination photo shoots as well.

While you may be
considering doing boudoir photos as a gift, you should also consider doing it for yourself. There are few things in life that can make you see yourself differently and boost your self image. I think that every woman, no matter their age or physical type, should consider having a professional boudoir photography session. We know that if you choose Editions by Frederick, you will treasure your images for the rest of your life.

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